Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Days: The Evil Eye (1978)

Looking back over previous posts, I noticed that I have a tendency to consider many Halloween episodes to be among my favorites. I'm not sure how much value can be given to the phrase "favorite Halloween episodes" when so many examples have been included. In any case, here is another entry into that category. Although I only watched Happy Days occasionally as a kid, this Halloween episode is one that is very memorable to me. It originally aired Halloween night in 1978. We learn that Al is being pursued by an old lady (a witch!) who wants to put a curse on him. She is from the Dimartino family and he is from the Delvecchio family, and the two families have been fighting for many years. According to Al, his uncle made the old woman mad once, and she subsequently gave him "the evil eye"! When the woman does finally find Al and puts a curse on him, Richie and the guys concoct a ceremony to remove it.

This recording is from the original 1978 broadcast:

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