Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eye on LA: Halloween 3D (1987)

I only remember watching two 3D Halloween specials on TV in the mid-1980s. One was an airing of the 1961 3D film The Mask. Red and blue glasses made specifically for that TV showing were made available at participating stores. Not all of the black and white film was shot in 3D, but viewers were directed to put on their 3D glasses whenever the character in the film put on the mask.

A trailer from The Mask:

Eye on LA's "Halloween 3D" special is the other 3D special I remember watching. Chuck Henry hosted and John Astin guest hosted this cheesy Halloween special from 1987. I believe the glasses were made available at 7-Eleven markets. The whole program was shot in 3D. Although the effects as viewed through the red and blue glasses were not outstanding, it was still a fun show to watch. It featured three vignettes: "Batface," "Do Unto Others," and "Crispy Critter." It also features a segment with André De Toth, director of the 1953 film House of Wax.

By the way, in 1987 Eye on LA also aired the "Hawaiian Swimsuit Spectacular in 3D"! You can find it on YouTube, if you're interested.

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