Sunday, March 29, 2009

That's Incredible: Ghost Castle (1981)

That's Incredible! was one of my favorite shows in the 80s because I could always depend on it for tales of strange phenomena. I only remember a handful of segments that could be classified as Halloween-oriented. This particular segment about a haunted castle in New Jersey features testimony about objects being moved around the room and other occurrences. The residents believe the ghost to be William Beatty, the man who built "Castle Utopia" in the 1920s and died in one of the rooms. The current owners of the property have renamed the home Phareloch Castle and are in the process of renovating the structure.


  1. From 1972-73, the castle was under lease by "Chartwell Manor School". A country day and boarding school were corporal punishment with a British twist was practiced. Children were severely beaten and sexually abused. The headmaster, Terence Michael Lynch, now residing in Morristown (2009), is on the NJ State sexual offenders list, do a web search for further information. Lynch's(Sir's) latest exploits landed him in the Morris County Jail for a lengthy term ending in 2007. Thanks for looking. Ed in NJ. (Student and abused)

  2. The fate of Gene Melville in Costa Rica was horrible--and Castle connected: R.I.P.