Sunday, March 29, 2009

That's Incredible: Amityville Horror (1980)

I didn't actually see this when That's Incredible! was still on TV, but I knew about the episode because my brother had seen it. For many years I was curious about the episode because it showed the inside of the Amityville house, including the "red room" and the upstairs bedroom with the trademark "eye" windows. I finally found the video on YouTube a few years ago. It was a little surprising that, considering the show's tendency towards sensationalism, the writers of the program chose to document the subject in a straight-forward, objective manner. Rather than playing up the stories of the supposed hauntings, the program consisted mainly of disputing the Lutz's claims and events as reported in the novel. The segment is still a bit spooky, though, and makes for fun Halloween viewing! Also check out the 1979 Amityville episode from the show In Search Of.

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