Sunday, March 29, 2009

SNL Halloween Special (1991)

This Halloween special aired in 28 October 1991. This is the older version of SNL Halloween Special and is not available on DVD. It features the following skits:

Land Shark
Wayne's World: Top 10 Excellent Babe Costumes
Return of the Coneheads
The People's Court
The Exorcist II
The Fruiting
Consumer Probe
Beauty & The Beast: The Double Date
The Thing That Wouldn't Leave
Afraid of the Dark
The Raven (as read by Tonto, Tarzan and Frankenstein)
Wayne's World: Top 5 Worst Halloween Treats

Watch a clip of "The Exorcist II"


  1. is there anywhere this is posted online? I remember it as a kid and the worst treat list was epic

  2. This video used to be posted online, but the video was removed. I haven't found it anywhere else yet. You might try searching for the individual sketches.

  3. The 1994 edition of the Halloween Special is mostly the same as the 1991 version. It features the following skits:

    Land Shark
    Wayne's World Top 10 Excellent Babe Costumes
    Matt Foley
    The People's Court
    The Fruiting
    Consumer Probe
    Dracula and AIDS
    The Thing That Wouldn't Leave
    Weekend Update: Adam Sandler's Halloween Costume Ideas
    Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley
    Makin' Copies
    Exorcist II
    The Curse of the Wolf Man
    The Raven (as read by Tonto, Tarzan & Frankenstein)
    Afraid of the Dark
    Church Chat
    Wayne's World Top 5 Worst Treats

    1. Can you share the wolfman one?

    2. If you can please reply to this. I'll be checking back.

  4. Over the years I have put together my own SNL Halloween compilation. Has dozens of skits that do not appear on the official release, nor have they been on any of the other "Halloween Specials" like the 1991 and 1994 episodes. The following is volumte 1:

    SNL Halloween Compilation Volume 1
    Season 17 – The McLaughlin Group
    Season 6 – Curtis Monologue/Clothes Pins
    Season 15 – Helmsley Spook House
    Season 32 – Curse of Frankenstein
    Season 1 – The Exorcist II
    Season 22 – Goth Talk I
    Season 18 – Hans & Franz
    Season 3 – Island of Lost Luggage
    Season 13 – Don’t Go Down to the Basement
    Season 34 – Vincent Price Special I
    Season 24 – Halloween Songs
    Season 7 – Scary Pumpkin Carving
    Season 3 – Curse of Watergate
    Season 30 – Mrs Dr Frankenstein
    Season 23 – Goth Talk II
    Season 7 – Rocky Horror Shop

    I do not have either the Fruiting or the Curse of the Wolfman skit however, and was wondering if you'd be interested in making a trade- your 1994 special for my compiliation. Thanks. Rich in Cleveland