Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scholastic Book Club Flyer

Fall was a wonderful time to be in elementary school because it meant the Troll Book Fair was coming. I looked forward to getting the full-color newsprint flyers that announced its arrival and reading through the columns of tiny type and enticing pictures of book covers. (There are some great examples of Troll flyers from the 1980s on this blog.)  There were always several Halloween-themed books to get me through the season. A few books I remember ordering from the fair in the mid-80s were Bunnicula, by James Howe;

Arrow Book of Ghost Stories, by Nora Kramer;

and a set of Ghostbusters books that included 12 collector stickers: The Official Ghostbusters Training Manual and a storybook "featuring the Ugly Little Spud."
Checking the internet last month, I saw a current book fair flyer from Scholastic. It's the same type of flyer I remember from my childhood, filled with dozens of spooky selections to choose from.

Here are links to the rest of the book fair flyers for October, listed by grade level. Flyers for the older grades put less emphasis on Halloween and, therefore, seem a bit drab compared to those for elementary students.

Honeybee (Toddlers-Fours)

Firefly (PreK-K)

SeeSaw (K-Grade 1)

Lucky (Grades 2-3)

Arrow (Grades 4-6)

TAB (Grades 7 and up)

Happy Days: Welcome to My Nightmare (1981)

This Season 8 episode originally aired February 3, 1981.  After a day of everyone asking favors of him, Fonzie has a nightmare about a mad scientist draining his cool. (Synopsis from