Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vincent Price Easter Seals Halloween commercial (1985)

In October 1985, Vincent Price appeared in this commercial for Easter Seals Safe Halloween Coupons. There are a lot of neat Halloween details in this short commercial: thunder and lightning, a shattering vase, flying bats, disembodied hand, a black cat, and (of course) narration by Vincent Price:

"Halloween doesn't have to be spooky...not with Easter Seals Safe Halloween Coupons, the safe treat that gives treatment. Safe Halloween Coupons are good for treats in stores and restaurants. Give them to trick-or-treaters, or treat yourself. Give Easter Seals Safe Halloween Coupons, because Halloween should be warm and friendly!"

Apparently, Baker's Drive-Thru restaurants, in Southern Californa, are still sponsoring Easter Seals Safe Halloween coupon books after 20 years.

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