Monday, July 27, 2009

"Monster Mash" Cartoon (1973)

Joe Piscopo's Halloween Party (1987)

I didn't watch this when it aired (I was watching The Search for Houdini that night), but I saw this on YouTube and thought it was amusing. The finale of the show features Joe playing drums to a Bach organ fugue. Pretty scary! I have not watched this whole video, so young viewers should be cautioned that it may contain adult content.

Family Matters: Dog Day Halloween (1990)

A Halloween costume-bedecked Urkel and Laura are hostages during a bank robbery. Urkel fantasizes about saving Laura and subduing the criminal, but things don't quite work out that way. Carl, meanwhile, is able to apprehend the subject, leaving a downtrodden Urkel to realize he can never impress Laura by being a hero who saves the day. Originally aired October 26, 1990.

Square Pegs: Halloween XII (1982)

Square Pegs Halloween episode from November 1, 1982.


Unfortunately, my Veoh account was deleted, which means that some of the videos posted on this site no longer appear. However, there are still many videos to be found here, and I will replace the lost ones as I am able. Thanks for visiting this site, and I appreciate the positive comments!