Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our Gang: Shivering Spooks (1926)

Originally released August 6, 1926. I found this short on an old VHS that I had recorded years ago, and unfortunately I wasn't able to record the first part, but the plot is pretty straightforward. Phony spiritualist Professor Fleece is holding a seance, but is continually interrupted by the gang's noisy ball game outside. He chases them off, but they take refuge in their underground hideout, which just happens to be directly beneath the seance room. They manage to ruin the seance, so Fleece decides to give them a good scare. This silent short contains some great sight gags.


  1. The entire short can be found here:
    You may want to simply link it on your blog.

    1. Thanks for the link. Been waiting to see this for over a couple decades now since clips appeared in a muppet babies episode. Though kinda disappointed with the new Little Rascals music for the full episode in the link, I feel the original, old tune playing in the half clip above is more suitable given the atmosphere of this particular short. Still, happy to see the full thing.