Wednesday, October 28, 2009

1980s Halloween Stickers

Remember these?


  1. I remember those well! At the time my younger sister was collecting stickers and she had the black cat and Peanuts one. Thanks for bringing back great memories!

  2. I remember the last one best - that cartoon skeleton going "eek!" It was one of those "Trend" scratch 'n sniff stickers, wildly popular with girls back in 1982.

    The other Halloween sticker they put out was this witch sticker. Fun fact: the witch one smelled like licorice and the skeleton smelled like marshmallow!

    Thanks for all the memories! You blog is a treasure trove!

  3. Oh yes, those are very familar! Can't say I miss them much :D


  4. My mistake! This ghost was the marshmallow one.

    Happy Halloween folks!

  5. LOL! Somewhere around I have a little box of old Halloween stickers, and know for certain that skeletons are in there. Along with the similar scratch & sniff witches and ghosts. Think we also have/had the Peanuts and maybe the second sheet down as well.

  6. I was a sticker nut when I was a kid! In fact, the 4th photo down is from one of my childhood sticker albums!! I scanned it to contribute to the
    'Branded in the 80's' website. So neat to see it here with this collection of other Halloween stickers!!
    I actually have the Peanuts ones too, but they never made it into an album. And the black cat ones seem so familiar, but if I ever had them, they never made it into my sticker albums.

  7. holy cow, your blog rocks!