Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ozzie and Harriet: Halloween Party (1952)

On Halloween night, Ozzie and Thorny make plans to attend a non-costume party as Satan and a Scotsman. Meanwhile Ricky and David attend a Halloween Party at school and the Nelson household is besieged by children demanding candy - or else. (Synopsis from IMDB.com) Originally aired October 31, 1952.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Paul. It's really a little time capsule, isn't it, not really of how people were in the 50's exactly, but of what they'd watch on TV. Nowadays it seems slow moving and kind of dull, but the two little children at the door were charming and nostalgic. I trick or treated in the 60's, so those two little ones seemed familiar, but we went out in our Ben Cooper plastic costumes with mask of course. And people complain about getting teenagers with no costumes at their doors, but who ever got a 53 year old? Also, the two teens were enthusiastic about a school party...that's a change from teen apathy now, eh? And you know what? No gore in sight! Now that's refreshing.