Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Rascals: Hide and Shriek (1938)

Here is a silent 8mm version of the 1938 Rascals short, "Hide and Shriek". It has been retitled "The Haunted House" for this version. Alfalfa is a private eye, and with the help of Buckwheat and Porky, tracks a couple of suspects, Leonard and Junior, who are accused of stealing Darla's box of candy. The two little kids get into the cab of a flatbed truck, so the three sleuths climb in back and hide in a box. Leonard and Junior, however, simply exit the opposite side, unknown to the older boys. It turns out the truck is taking supplies to a haunted house carnival ride, which is where the boys find themselves, but they think their encountering actual spooks. (Synopsis from

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