Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Disney's Halloween Treat - Remastered (1982)

You've never seen "Disney's Halloween Treat" quite like this! A Disney fan created a remastered version (or "close to it," he says) of the TV special that originally aired on October 30, 1982, editing together remastered footage from various DVDs to match the original program. I think he did a great job. Even the "pumpkin host" footage looks great, thanks to a pristine VHS tape from the 1984 release. In lieu of an official DVD release of this special from Disney, this is likely the only remastered version we'll see. (Embedding was disabled on parts 6 and 7, so I provided links to YouTube.) If you prefer the old, unremastered version, it is available here.

Part 6
Part 7

Disney's Halloween Treat at Wikipedia

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