Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Mummy Is Brought Back To Life (1987)



SCENE ONE: The archaeologist looks at a coffin that he had found. With it came a scroll. The archaeologist wipes the sweat from his brow and decides to get some sleep before he reads the scroll.

SCENE TWO: That night, the archaeologist wakes up. He opens the scroll and reads it. (Show scroll.) The archaeologist shrugs his shoulders. He lights his pipe and goes to bed. (He leaves his matches on the couch.) The coffin shakes. The mummy breaks his way through the coffin. He finds the scroll. He wants to bring his beloved princess to life. So he burns the scroll as a sacrifice. He runs out of the room. The archaeologist comes back in and remembers that he had forgotten his matches. He sees what had happened to the coffin, and he runs out of the room in search of the mummy. As he goes around the corner, he comes face-to-face with the mummy. The mummy chokes him and continues the search for his princess. He finds a cottage. In it he finds a woman that he thinks is the princess. When she sees him, she faints. He catches her and carries her off.


This is a story I wrote sometime near October 1987, knowing that my friend, Jim, would be coming over to my house. Of course, I had to recruit my sister to play the female part. I intended to make this into a movie by having my dad videotape us. The above story was likely a synopsis I wrote out to show my dad what the movie was about, assuring him that we had a plan and weren't just going to waste videotape.

As I recall, Jim came over and I expected us to have enough time to make the movie. I put on white socks, white sweat pants and a white T-shirt (so that I wouldn't have to use as much bandaging), and then I had Jim help wrap gauze around my head, neck and arms. It was nearing time to bring it all before the camera, but, apparently, we had reached the time limit for Jim's visit. My dad said it was time for him to go home. As Jim left, I stood there: seemingly expressionless behind a veil of gauze; however, tears welled up in my eyes as my dream of making a Mummy movie was shattered. At least, until "The Haunted Coffin."

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